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Spike-Timing Precision and Neuronal Synchrony are Enhanced by an Interaction between Synaptic Inhibition and Membrane Oscillations in the Amygdala. Ryan SJ*, Ehrlich DE*, Jasnow AM*, Daftary SS, Madsen TE, and Rainnie DG. PLoS ONE (In Press) 2012 (PDF)
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Corticotrophin Releasing Factor-Induced Synaptic Plasticity in the Amygdala Translates Stress into Emotional Disorders. Donald G. Rainnie, Richard Bergeron, Tammy J. Sajdyk, Madhvi Patil, Donald R. Gehlert, and Anantha Shekhar. The Journal of Neuroscience, April 7, 2004 • 24(14):3471–3479 • 3471 (PDF)
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Basolateral Amygdala
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Epileptogenesis Reduces the Sensitivity of Presynaptic GABAB Receptors on Glutamatergic Afferents in the
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Microdialysis Perfusion of 8-Hydroxy-2-(Di-n-Propylamino)Tetralin (8-OH-DPAT) in the Dorsal Raphe Nucleus Decreases Serotonin Release and Increases Rapid Eye Movement Sleep in the Freely Moving Cat. Chiara M. Portas, Mahesh Thakkar, Donald Rainnie, and Robert W. McCarley. The Journal of Neuroscience, April 15, 1996, 16(8):2820-2828 (PDF)
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