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Collaborators at Emory University

  • Kerry Ressler ( The Ressler Lab): Molecular genetics of fear learning and extinction
  • Michael Davis (The Davis Lab): Probing the neural ciruitry of fear learning using behavioral models (e.g. fear potentiated startle).
  • Helen Mayberg (The Mayberg Lab): Clinical investigations of deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a therapeutic strategy for treatment resistant depression.
  • Steve Potter (The Potter Lab): Invetigating the effects of feedback-loop stimulation on synchronized burst firing activity in cultured cortical neurons using multielectrode arrays (MEAs).
  • Bob Gross (The Gross Lab): Microstimulation as a treatment strategy for temporal lobe epilepsy
  • Alan Levey (The Levey Lab):
  • Chris Muly (The Muly Lab): Electronmicroscopic investigations of subsynaptic elements
  • Beth Buffalo ( The Buffalo Lab): Multiunit and local feild potential recordings in the temporal lobe of awake behaving primates
  • Shella Keilholz (The Keilholz Lab): Manganese enhanced DTI imaging of neural pathways in the rat brain
  • John Hepler (The Hepler Lab): The role of regulators G-protein signaling (RGS) proteins in the regulation of synaptic transmission.

Collaborators at Extramural Institutions







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